10 tips for effective exam prep

Hacks and study improvement tips to help set you up for success in the classroom.

The secret to effective exam prep is, well, preparation. Studying doesn’t just involve learning the material - it’s also about supporting your body and mind with the fuel you need to perform at your best.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Plan your study

Before you begin studying for your next exam, take the time to plan. Your plan could be as simple as a list of goals or as detailed as a colour-coded chart. Planning can help you stay on track and avoid distractions. Planning your daily study sessions, as well as your overall study schedule, will help to give you focus and direction. And, ticking off items off your study to-do list makes you feel satisfied and gives you a sense of achievement.

2. Eat brain-healthy food

To perform at your best, you need to fuel your body with healthy food that supports learning, concentration and memory. Eat fresh, healthy foods - and drink plenty of water. Specific foods liked with better brain health include fatty fish, blueberries, nuts, seeds and yoghurt.

3. Avoid junk food

While it’s tempting to snack on treats while you study, junk food isn’t good for your concentration or your health. High-sugar foods give you a quick energy boost followed by a crash which can make you feel worse. Try not to snack on chips and lollies - choose healthy options like nuts, fruit, veggie sticks and hummus.

4. Take regular screen breaks

You might think that spending hours in front of your computer is helpful for your exam prep, but your productivity can be affected if you spend too much time in front of the computer. Taking screen breaks every 60-90 minutes will keep you fresh and alert.

5. Boost your energy levels with Berocca

If you want a helping hand to stay energised and focused while you study, Berocca can help. Packed full of vitamins that support focus and concentration, Berocca is an effervescent vitamin and mineral supplement that can support you to perform at your best - while you’re studying, and on the big day.

Berocca is indicated for adults and children over 12 years old.


6. Explain your topic simply

Not sure if you understand your exam topic? Try to explain it simply to a friend or family member. Talking to others about what you’ve learned in your study sessions helps you to test if you’ve recalled the information correctly. Ask your friends if they understand the main point or if they were confused about anything you’ve said, as that will help you pinpoint any topics you need to work on.

7. Keep your desk clean

It’s not possible to concentrate and stay focused with a cluttered desk. Before you start studying, spend a few minutes cleaning up and create a positive workspace. Get rid of items you don’t need, and always keep healthy snacks and water nearby.

8. Get outside and exercise

When you’re taking a screen break, keep moving. Regular exercise keeps your mind and body healthy – so you can come back to your exam prep fresh and motivated. Australian guidelines recommend moving for around an hour a day, but exercise doesn’t have to be extreme workout sessions. Even a 20-minute walk around the block is better than no physical activity.

9. Block off social

When you’re trying to concentrate, there’s nothing more distracting than alerts and messages popping up. Social updates disturb your focus and concentration, and they’re no good for effective exam prep. Keep social media blocked off while you’re studying, but reward your efforts with breaks every hour or so to check in with your friends and keep each other on track.

10. Plan your big day

Finally, don’t forget to prepare for exam day. Visualise how the day will run, from the moment you wake up to when you arrive for your exam – and the celebration afterwards. Remember that it’s normal to feel nervous and anxious before an exam, but if you’ve done the preparation - and taken care of your health along the way - you’ll be in the best possible position to smash that test.

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