Support your immunity in 6 easy steps
The best defence is a good offence.
Here’s how to support your immune health.
Eat Healthy
1. Eat Healthy

Foods high in vitamin C support your immune function by encouraging the production of white blood cells. Vitamin C rich foods include strawberries, spinach, broccoli and oranges. Zinc is a mineral that helps support a healthy immune system. Find it in pumpkin seeds, baked beans and nuts.

2. Supplement

Add to a healthy diet by taking Berocca which contains both Vitamin C and Zinc.

3. Sleep

Your immune system produces proteins when you sleep, which help fight infection and inflammation. Sleep deprivation may reduce these proteins so your body can’t fight off illness as effectively.

Drink water
4. Drink water

Water helps remove toxins from the body and helps the body absorb nutrients from your diet.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise helps the immune system find and deal with disease in the body. Moving your body also slows down the ageing process of the immune system, reducing risk of illness.

6. Relax

Stress can suppress your immune system so it becomes harder to fight off infections. Taking time out to unwind can help your immune system function normally.

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