The evidence supporting Berocca

There are countless supplements on the shelves of the supermarket and pharmacy that help with this and that. So, what is the best vitamin for improving energy? Every supplement needs evidence to prove it does what it says it does on the label. And the fact is, Berocca is the most studied multi-vitamin in the world. Here, we showcase Berocca’s science and show that it supports energy for both your mind and body.

Berocca: a brief history

Berocca was first launched in Switzerland in 1969. It’s been long used in Australia to support energy for big days. But Berocca is actually recommended for daily use and is clinically proven1 to support mental sharpness and physical energy. As an effervescent tablet that can be added to a glass of water, Berocca provides the convenience of an easy to drink multi-vitamin that helps to deliciously flavour your water, helping you stay better hydrated. It’s sold in more than 70 countries!

The science supporting Berocca

There’s good clinical evidence supporting Berocca’s effects on energy and cognitive performance. Research published over the past 20 years includes:

STUDY TIMELINE Clinically tested in 7 studies


• A placebo-controlled clinical study with 80 healthy participants. Using Berocca for 28-days significantly improved psychological wellbeing (lessanxiety and mild stress, better concentration). It also helped support the immune system. (Carroll, 2000) • Another placebo-controlled trial, with 215 participants using Berocca Performance for 33 days significantly improved ratings of mild stress, a balanced mood and cognitive performance (Kennedy, 2010) • Kennedy et al confirmed this result, in a 2011 study of 198 participants. Taking Berocca Performance for 28 days increased alertness and significantly increased concentration, mental and physical stamina compared with placebo. (Kennedy, 2011) • Two placebo- controlled studies were designed specially to look at task-related brain activity after a single dose of Berocca. These studies show increased brain activation compared to placebo. (Scholey, 2013; White, 2017) • Two more placebo-controlled studies similarly showed that task related brain activity improved with a 4-week course of Berocca (White, 2015; White, 2016)


Benefits of taking Berocca

The evidence above demonstrates that Berocca can:

  • Support healthy mood balance
  • Help relieve stress and mild anxiety
  • Improve memory
  • Support concentration
  • Enhance mental performance and stamina
  • Enhance physical stamina when taken daily for 28 days.

The combination of vitamins and minerals in Berocca is based on scientific evidence.

Berocca has:


Needed to support a healthy immune system. A powerful antioxidant, it helps protect your cells from the effects of free radicals.


B vitamins help your body release energy from food to support vitality and stamina. They're important for your nervous system as they carry information to and from your brain.


Supports your blood cells, helps your body produce energy and supports your immune system.


Magnesium works with B vitamins to help your body release energy from food, and keep your nervous system and muscles working properly.


Helps you release energy from food.

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Helps maintain a healthy immune system.


Assists muscle functioning.

Taking Berocca once daily has evidence-backed benefits with clinical trials showing it works best after 28 days. Why not take up the 28-day challenge?

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