Energy support for tradies

Staying energised throughout your day on site will help you do your best work and go home healthy and happy.
Staying healthy on the job gives you the energy to enjoy life when you put down the tools.

The demands of being a tradie

As you know, tradies have demanding jobs that require both brains and brawn. Not only are you performing physical labour every day – you’re also running a business, doing your accounting and managing teams.

You’re up early and working hard on site every day. It’s no surprise that being a tradie is as mentally challenging as it is physically.

Health risks of being a tradie

You’re often busy, on the road and racing to jobs. If you haven’t had time to make lunch before you leave home, you’re probably relying on bakery or servo snacks.

Pies and sausages rolls are okay every so often, but if you’re eating this type of fast food every day, your diet is probably lacking in essential nutrients.

Good nutrition – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and dairy – gives you the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy and perform at your best. A healthy diet also decreases your risk of weight gain and other health issues.

As working as a tradie places a high demand on your body, it’s essential to choose healthy energy options. If you’re feeling tired or low in energy, you might feel tempted to reach for coffees, energy drinks or sports drinks to help you stay awake and finish the day.

But too many caffeinated drinks give you a quick buzz followed by an almighty crash which can make you feel worse or want to reach for another one, followed by a beer at the end of your day to wind down. It becomes an unhealthy cycle when you’re doing this every day – but you can easily break out of it with a little bit of meal preparation and planning.

Energy support for tradies

Supporting energy demands while on the tools

To keep your energy levels up and stay healthy at work, follow these simple tips.

Drink water

Staying hydrated is essential to help keep your energy levels in check. Not drinking enough water can negatively impact your mood and concentration, too. Take a bottle of water to work and sip it throughout the day. You’ll notice a massive difference in your energy levels.

Try Berocca Twist N Go instead of coffee or energy drinks

If you’re looking for a refreshing energy boost, try Berocca Twist N Go drink. The B-vitamins in a daily Berocca Twist N Go will help support your energy levels and help release energy from your food.

Berocca Twist N Go supports energy release and mental performance – pre-packed and ready to roll. Berocca supports the release of positive energy so you can be at your best whatever daily challenges you’re facing.

Getting your Berocca couldn’t be simpler. Just twist the lid to dissolve the tasty effervescent tablet. Take a maximum of one per day for best results and take each day to the next level.

Exercise outside of work

You might think you’re getting enough exercise at work because you’re constantly on the move. But it’s important to make time for activities that benefit those muscle groups that don’t get a workout in your trade.

Going to the gym, running, surfing, stretching and yoga help strengthen the full range of muscles in your body. Aerobic exercise also helps you maintain a healthy heart and lungs, which is vital for overall health and wellbeing. Exercise is a fun and social way to wind down; it keeps your body strong, reducing your risk of injury.

Eat smart

Practice good nutrition habits by bringing a healthy lunch and snacks to work. Salads, wraps, fruit and nuts are examples of healthy foods you can prepare at home quickly.

Making your meals the night before can help you feel in control if you don’t have enough time in the mornings. If you do need to buy food on the road, try to choose meals that are low in kilojoules, salt and sugar.

Stick to the daily recommended amount of alcohol (no more than four drinks daily, and a maximum of ten drinks a week) as drinking too much alcohol impacts your mood, weight, relationships and overall health and wellbeing.

Look after your mental health

While exercise and nutrition are important for staying healthy, managing your mental health is equally as important. Running a business can be stressful and all-consuming, so speak to someone if you’re finding it difficult to cope. Take note of how others feel around you, too – and have a chat with your mates if someone seems to have a hard time at work.

Wear sunscreen

You’re most likely spending a lot of time in the sun, which means you’re more at risk of skin cancer. Always wear a hat, apply sunscreen and keep your skin covered.

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